Will Rowan

digital strategy & product development

Will is an experienced product owner, service manager and service designer: a digital native with over 25 years digital marketing, coaching and change management experience in government, corporate teams and start-up businesses.

WIll's approach is agile and user-centred. He delivers by understanding user needs, technology context, and business capabilities. He's known for unlocking a team's performance potential.

Will's services are available - on a freelance or contract basis. Contact me to find out more.

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high performing teams

Blocked, grumpy and unproductive teams don't build great products.
Help that same team to imagine a product that they want to make, give them the tools to work with and a framework to deliver in, and their productivity will accelerate.

Outcome: happy motivated people do better work, faster

elegant products

Intuitive user experiences are usually the result of a healthy blend of user research, design for real world needs, and coherent coding.
Add a creative product vision, and teams will build services that customers want to use.

Outcome: your customers are able to do what they want, quickly and conveniently

built for digital marketing

Design-in sustainable digital marketing, to own and earn high-value, low-cost traffic.
Use paid channels strategically to complement owned & earned activity.

Outcome: digital marketing success does not rely on high budgets


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