February 2008

Is this the mixed platform/messenger client/ bandwith video conference solution?

The web thrives on standards – but try putting toghther a virtual team video conference with freelancers, outside the confines of an organisation’s preferred software, and the mix of technical religions will almost certainly scupper things before they get started.

Maybe ooVoo is the answer – I’ll try it out on a Mac/Win, UK broadband & South african narrowband conference & see how we go….

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Laptop memory lane: Sony pcg505

Around the milennium I used a 10.4 inch Sony Vaio laptop… and only stopped using it around 2005, when its inability to run anything more modern than Win 98se stopped it connecting to networks.  The Mac Air launch had me digging for reviews of my old Vaio – this one ending “After 6 months, there still isn’t anything to upgrade to. That’s
unheard of in the PC market.”

Come to think of it, after more than 6 years, and reading the mixed reviews of Mac Air at launch, there’s still precious little to compare. It’s (almost) tempting to find a late PII Vaio pcg505, & pimp it with Linux.


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