March 2011

Where does white hat seo stop, and black hat begin?



MediaPost Publications Search, Social Move BrightEdge To Create New SEO Tool

… if this does what it says on the tin, it’s reverse-engineering Google’s search algorithm… maybe not 100% deconstructing it, but sufficient that a bank of smart, search literate offshore analysts can understand social’s impact on search, write friendly content & plug it through social channels… and analyse the impact of their input.
Pretty much in real time.

On one level, it’s the ultimate white hat seo tool – optimising the production of content to make sure it’s found for the right reasons.

On the other hand, there’s the clear potential for that optimisation of content & maximisation of traffic to take the normal reach of a site far beyond white hat seo .

HT to @JanetParkinson & @leeodden

the standard new york – Google Search


at long last, it looks like Google has fixed search.

You didn’t think it was broken before?
Well, try searching for an Hotel; you’d find dozens of sales agents & review sites before the hotel’s own website showed up.
Which was plain wrong.

And things were much worse in other areas, where sites recycling/harvesting/churning/stealing content (pick your metaphor!) obliterated the originators.

This has to be good for the businesses that make, sell and service their customers.