April 2011

Digital Marketing Manual: Kindle edition live today

released 1 April 2011, the Kindle edition of Digital Marketing Manual

The dust cover says…

Covering: search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media, email marketing, privacy & data protection, websites & blogs. And how to include online marketing with the real world sales & marketing activity that businesses already use.
Digital Marketing Manual gives you:
– 7 quick reference guides, in easy-to-use format, one digital marketing topic at a time
– or read the whole book for a complete online business development program

The Digital Marketing Manual is jargon free, full of sound ideas that quickly and easily make your online business more profitable.
Rapid “How To” topics include:
– Pay per Click advertising
– test & measure to make more sales
– search engine optimization
– manage time commitments
– using social media alongside other marketing activity
– identify what works
– email marketing
– create repeatable campaigns
Start today
Each section ends with an Action Plan to help identify what your business can do to make better use of digital marketing.


Go ahead, but a copy or two today!

Digital Marketing Manual