May 2011

Social Marketing creates profit

A short video from Daniel Heaf, Director of Digital for BBC Worldwide, on the “staggering” profit they make from Facebook. & I like his idea of not thinking of social marketing as, er, marketing. It’s a profit centre, that drives up to 30% of BBC’s Top Gear website traffic.

video permalink: HT to Beet TV

I heard Sheryl Sandberg talk last night at LSE – (read Joanne Jacobs’ excellent liveblog ) and the BBC’s use of Facebook fits with the Facebook Sheryl described. One where the platform is very very good at a few simple things. (So facebook photos aren’t the best photo service online; they’re almost feature-free, but Facebook is *the best* way to share photos with friends. One thing, done staggeringly well.)

The BBC seem to have discovered that facebook *does* audience.

Now, that’s a staggering thought; if one of the world’s largest TV producers finds good audience for one of the world’s most popular tv shows… and treats it as a profit centre rather than a marketing or content production cost, then shouldn’t that thinking work for other, smaller, businesses?