British Gas makes it hard for customers to pay best value rates

The reality of British Gas’ new, simpler tariffs…

[pasted from feedback to bg, when trying to update my dual fuel account]


I had a dual fuel, direct debit account with bg
you ended it, and didn’t tell me
is that legal?

I had to come & check… nowhere on my logged in account did you notify me that there had been a change in tariff.
Is it legal to change prices on a direct debit without notification?
Even banks manage that…

I checked your new, simpler accounts.
& tried to order one.
At step 3, I was told that I’d said I wasn’t a bg customer.
(remember, I’m doing this while logged into my BG account!)
No, I didn’t tell you that
There’s no opportunity in steps 1 or 2 to indicate whether or not I’m a customer.

So now I have to wait for your call centre to open, so that I can transfer my dual fuel online account into a new [not-notified] online dual fuel account.

Just how much will you compensate me for
a) the inconvenience
b) the user-experience advice

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