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Web 2.0 apps…

This will be a long-running series… there’s some *really* interesting applications popping up.

Ning makes it incredibly easy to set up any kind of collaborative space, in moments.
Link: Ning – Create and share your own social web apps!.

Nabble puts community groups into a very easily searched, cross platform, free service. Which, if nothing else, would get around the horrendous security barriers that some services (Yahoo! Groups) put up.

@ last, the research to prove gut instinct!

Thanks to Anne Holland at marketingsherpa for this – google ads don’t convert as well as other brands.
I’ve found this over a number of clients, and lobbed it into conversations with folk who should know, and kept sensing that this was the case. now there’s the beginnings of proof. Conversions are better elsewhere – maybe twice as good.
Link: ContentBiz Blog  More anti-Google research results tiny flames growing higher.

Email Marketing Statistics – Email marketing research

I think this is the most impressive publicly-available collection of email marketing statistics I’ve come across.

The contents table reads like a What’s What:

Send, Open and Click-Throughs
Most Popular Days to Send
Email Send Times
Open Times
Sample Click-To-Open Rates
Wednesday is “Opening Day”

Email Creative and Personalization
Message Size, Number of Links, Subject Line Length

Email Delivery and ISPs
Deliverability by ISP
Which ISPs and Email Clients Block Images
Sample Email List Composition by ISP

Email Privacy and Regulatory Compliance
Percentage of E-Retailers Who Are Compliant With CAN-SPAM Opt-Out Provisions
CAN-SPAM Compliance

Consumer Habits and Email Penetration
Time of Day Online Users Check Personal Emails at Work
When and Where Online Users Check Their Email
Online Users Who Check Email While On Vacation
Email Penetration Among Internet Users
Total Number of Email Users in the U.S.
Email Activity Among Internet Users

Email Marketing Industry Growth and Trends
Trend of Email Volume in the U.S.
Compounded Annual Growth Rate for Email
Email Marketing vs TV Advertising
Email Outpulls Catalogs for Direct Marketer Web Sites

Retail Email Marketing
Percentage of E-Retailers Who Are Compliant With CAN-SPAM Opt-Out Provisions
Email Click-Through Rates For E-Retailers
Email Conversion Rates For E-Retailers
E-Retailers’ Percent of Online Sales Attributed to Email Marketing
Reasons E-Retailers Are Growing Their Email Marketing
Email Activity by E-Retailers Now Versus A Year Ago
Subject Lines That Will Motivate Moms to Open a Retail Email Message
How Often Moms Would Like to Be Notified By Retail Emails
Product Information in Retail Emails That Will Motivate Moms to Click
Eretailer Email Frequency
… phew

Link: Email Marketing Statistics – Email marketing research.