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eTrading Standards National Project

um, on the face of it this is one of the least interesting documents you’ll every encounter – data cleaning in local government.
But it contains a nugget, putting a £ savings number on the digital dividend (you remember ‘peace dividends’? – the digital one is what you get by properly applying digital thinking…)

Table 2: Benefits
study summary















  of Data

£32m –


The service can be more
  responsive to all types of enquiries.


Value could be at least 2 times
  costs of cleaning.

Data cleaning gives greater
  confidence in the consistency and quality of information.


Cost of cleanup in one
  authority £8k.


Repeated / wasted visits difficult
  to quantify – £20 per business

the key phrase in there is:
Value could be at least 2 times
  costs of cleaning.
not to mention the spin offs for the folk on the receiving end of more timely & accurate information, and the benefit of not missing out on information not sent because of inaccurate data.
Makes you wonder why it’s not been done before?
Link: eTrading Standards National Project.

Useful tech 2: JOn Udell’s amazonised library tag

Would it be useful if you could choose between buying a book and getting it from the library… but you’d have to know if the book was actually *in* the library… and if it was out on loan, how would you know when it came back in? And you’d really want all that on one page….

This is amazing stuff, and Jon Udell is rightly being applauded for it. The tech’s not complex – just inspired. Take greasemonkey  code, which pulls the library data into an amazon page, and use amazon’s wishlist to run the alert side. Brilliant – and shows the power of data standards to combine applications

Link: Jon’s Radio…. click the flash movie link to see a narrated demo

transparency! podcasting!

Here’s an interesting development: Adam Curry is – apparently – having some connection problems, and not getting very far with the conventional ‘phone customer support’ route.

So he’s recording & podcasting his phone conversations.. and getting a response.

Now, at one level it’s a geeky way of queue-jmping… at another it’s every  unit-of-one customer’s holy grail: an audience and the means to take your problem to it. Transparency indeed. I wonder if BT will feed  this back into their standard processes, so the nobody needs to go this route…

Home working trial proves popular

Four people have been trapped in their homes for 48 hours to discover the benefits and pitfalls of teleworking. "
Wow… BBC catches up with the digital world shock!

If we all ended up in the countryside, it wouldn’t be rural anymore.. and not everybody can live without home delivery pizza….

But that aside, it is happening, more and more. 10 years ago I was ‘unusual’, working remotely & online. That’s not the case any more.