invaluable pitching advice

How To Demo Your Startup hey, a post that does what it says on the tin; very sound advice on pitching, well, frankly, anything – not just a startup.

Think of your audience, and help them through the pitch – you’re going to throw a huge amount of information at them in a very short space of time, so help them out! Point 3 – “Leave them wanting more” for example. You can’t say everything that’s you’d like, so don’t try. Leave stuff out. If you’re smart, leave out stuff that your audience will want to ask about – and that you have great (short) answers on.

Keynotes & Presentations

Audiences discover a new perspective on digital marketing.
We’re in the midst of a technical and cultural revolution, which changes marketing principles and practices.

– big principles illustrated by recent, detailed examples
– powerpoint (bless it) as it should be used – whole sessions pass without a list of bullet points
– commercially astute practical advice – surprise, surprise, marketing is for selling stuff, not an end in itself

– light-hearted, with serious messages
– effective when engaging an audience, walking & talking amongst them

Plenty of conference engagements over the past seven years… and a number of internal company seminars
for, amongst others, Avaya, Ricoh, PKF, Periodical Publishers Association, Directory Publishers’ Association, Reed Business, the IDM
Product launch Keynote for BT Wholesale