Digital Marketing

In the beginning there were 4 Ps in marketing: they were built around the company, and reflected its structure. The manufacturing facility made stuff, which the accounts department put a price on. Distribution put it on shelves, and promotions shifted them off again.

It was had to tell whether all this was done ‘for’ customers, or ‘to’ them.

Marketing doesn’t work like that any more.
TheCustomer is central to your marketing process, and customers decide what to buy by looking at :
– a company’s reputation , based on what the company claims, and what the community says about them
– the value exchange… what do I want to buy today, and how cloesely does it match what you’re selling?
– location. Where is the customer, physically and digitally? Can they find your marketing programme, a way to select and pay, and a convenient delivery process?

These ideas aren’t brand new – community-led marketing has been brewing for a decade: follow the thread back through SmartMobs and NoLogo to the mother-nodes, 10 Rules for the New Economy, Death of Distance and On Being Digital.

So this is what Will Rowan does.

A genuine partnership with your business’s senior team to find strategies that get your customers on your side. Over 25 years commercial experience in marketing and business strategy – with¬†over 10 years experience of making online business profitable.

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