Digital Coaching

Will Rowan works with senior management to build web-savvy, marketing-led business strategies that work. Insights from over 20 years marketing and management experience can create teams that are aligned to personal & collective competencies.  An external perspective helps owner-managers to deliver customer benefits rather than product features.
Will achieves results by identifying personal and company values, finding alignments through individual and many to many workshops, meetings, discussions and by writing down ideas. (It’s a simple, old fashioned idea, but it works!)
He can motivate teams to believe in and deliver on their strengths, and has a track record of bringing start up companies and new products to market, on time and ahead of budget.

Why businesses need an internet business coach
The internet can give new business a competitive edge, can reduce the time to market, and broaden the reach for both suppliers and customers. It takes a different – non-traditional- business strategy to fully take advantage of digital business opportunities. But the approach to doing business online, and to resource it, are still business critical decisions, so it’s important to get them right.

Coaching for online business provides support to reduce the risk of expensive mistakes and missed opportunities.

Our discussions may include any or all of the following areas:
– Digital strategies for business processes
– Assessing commercial opportunities and RoI
– Functional and emotional positioning for the company
– Product and service design and development
– Engaging the marketplace

The outputs could include:
– Helping with commercial objectives/strategy
– Aligning business strategy with current resources
– Identifying resource gaps
– Identifying changes in product and service positioning
– A plan to match the strategy to available resources

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