Getting started

It takes a lot of bravery (on both sides) to plunge in & kick off with a full scale project.

So here’s ways to find out if we work well together:

Introductory Services

Consultancy: assessing an opportunity, and how to profit from it

Spend two days working together on an opportunity – the output is a working document that crystalises the potential, and maps the journey from ‘here to there’.

No two conversations are the same, but they’re likely to provoke decisions about:
Brand Product Market
Positioning Sales channels SEO
Paid search Public relations eMail marketing
Fulfilment Post sale comms Profit analysis

Each organisation is different: yours may prefer this work done as desk research – or as a team workshop.

Coaching: meet to explore
Experienced guidance on the thought processes behind marketing and commercial decisions, the skills and teams that deliver them.

Of course, meeting to assess how we can work together is never chargeable!

Speaking: tailored to each event’s needs
Online business made clear, simple and actionable. And sometimes entertaining!
It’s rare for two events to have the same audience, so why would you expect the same talk? Speeches & seminars can be tailored to any group that needs to know more about online marketing, from entry-level 101 to CEO, from soft-technical to business principles.

Tailor-made learning programmes for marketing & non-marketing teams. Listening, thinking and doing combined in lectures and workshops.

Expect to make wide use of online tools and workspaces pre, during and post course.

Commissioned articles, expert guides, and published books.
Please call or email for a discussion and quote.

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