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“An hour spent with Will will give you a supply of useful things to think about for a week. Friendly, frank and open, he introduces you to possibilities and perspectives that you might never have thought of, in a way that helps you integrate them into your programme as if they had been there all the time. It’s amazing how many brilliantly original ideas you come up with while Will is sitting with you not appearing to do much.”
February 7, 2011 Malcolm Sleath, Owner and principal coach, 12boxes

“Talk about Savvy; Will Rowan knows his stuff, and is always cutting edge. He makes sure you do the simple things right, and do them well, but will also leave you hungry for more keeping the bigger picture at the forefront of your mind.”
September 2, 2009 Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative Linley Lewis, co-founder  TicketToRide

“Will’s a thought leader in taking the internet to the wider world, the idea to the business and the geeks to the market. He’s grounded in reality while at the same time able to imagine where you could and should be several years from now. If you’re looking at how to engage the web and translate your offline success to the on, Will’s your man.”
June 9, 2007 James Farmer, founder EduBlogs & WPMUDev

“Will is always thinking (and writing) about the next digital marketing development, how it will play out..and the futures strategies companies will need to follow.
On a personal level Will is great foil, always ready to “jam” and constructively critique and develop your own thinking. When you have had a conversation with Will you always feel excited about the possibilities of the future..and probably pick up a new contact, or website… or three!.”
December 5, 2006 Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity Martin Silcock, hired Will as a Digital Marketing Visionary in 1998, and hired Will more than once

“Few people truly understand the challenges and opportunities of digital marketing. Will is one of those few – a pathfinder in the networked economy.”
September 6, 2004 Ian McDonald Wood, FutureValue Ltd

“Will has a unique understanding of how to analyse complex information processess and even better provide solutions to enable true target hits that get “high yield” results.” May 9, 2009 Mike O’Hagan, Managing Director, The Local Channel Ltd

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