Create a better consumption experience

Create a better consumption experience”
Jason Goldman, Twittter advisor at leWeb++

That’s the game!
The torrent of social media is overwhelming – it is impossible to keep up, even with a Facebook average/ Dunbar number 130 followers. {Seth Godin on Dunbar : TheGuardian on Dunbar }
Twitters’ lists is a decent effort – but it’s manual labour, and takes considerable time investment to create useful subject lists. Of course, the twitter ecosystem is starting to offer automated answers: Formulists for example. But it’s not quite doing it for me.
The best solution I’ve seen turned up today – by coincidence the same day as Justin Goldman’s quote: LinkedIn Signal needed Zero though to sign up & use. Just a regular LinkedIn sign-in, and I’m presented with a list of status updates. The left column gives checkboxes to filter by my LinkedIn network proximity, Industry, and Company, + more. Hey presto, instantly & usefully filtered  status update lists.
I could use it for the first time, without thinking “how does this work then”?
Which is a better consumption experience.
++Quoted by the ever-excellent @Adders

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