Just when you thought all was fine on the BT front…

“ah, well, there it is”, as one of my island ancestors might well have said.

Clearly, I’m not *meant* to have a fully functional broadband line at home/office.
Last night a drunk driver succeeded in poleaxing the telegraph pole that carried our line: instead of being 20+ feet high, it’s now in two parts. Astonishingly, and a testimony to the stability of the installation that BT (finally) achieved, both phone and broadband were working, while the pole was in two parts, and the lines variously lying in the road and hanging in mid air (carrying the weight of half a pole!)

Of course, to leave the accident scene safe, the lines had to be cut clear of the road – at that point (no surprise) we lost connection.

@btcare on twitter got a heads up last night before the connection was lost.

So now, I try to report the fault. All my old & new BT accounts are now consolidated into a single online account, so that I ave full visibility of status.
1 I try the online fault check: no fault is showing for the line. OK, so if a neighbour reported their broken line, it didn’t trigger a fault on our line, A pity, but fair enough.
Past extensive phone experience with BT
2 Try the Report a fault options: there’s several Live Chats available, however none works in Chrome, Opera or Safari, in full, high contrast or accessible views. Pity – & with a soupcon of irony I was lecturing this morning on making websites accessible & well-designed. #fail
3 (with a sigh) I call BT. First call goes through to Billing: odd. They transfer me to Faults, who flat refuse to do anything because there’s a “billing issue”. I’m looking at the consolidated online accounts, and the total due on the one bill outstanding is… £0 The man in Faults isn’t budging. I hang up.
4 Calling again, I’m put through to an entirely different BT department; apparently random assignment of callers has been happening a lot today. The chap kindly puts me through to Billing. The lady confirms that there’s no billing issue, and puts me through to Faults. I hear a ringtone: I’m on hold. Again. The call disconnects some minutes later.

So that’s another 45 minutes of my life that’s passed by dealing with BT – the majority of it spent on hold. A minority spent trying to unravel BT information errors. And at the end of it, the Fault’s not been reported. Probably. (You can never be quite sure)

I’ll try again later. Of course, the fault isn’t BT’s: they’re not to blame for drunk drivers! And the process of trying to restore my service? That’s starting out to be as tortuous as before.

In the meantime, having spoken to BT People 75-77, I have to go earn a living. If only to pay for my phone lines.

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