Knowledge@Wharton: Luxury Adjusts to a World of Retail Instant Gratification

In a 1996 article for wired magazine, ‘new rules for the new economy‘ Kevin Kelly said that the High St would change its behaviors to match customers’ online expectations. A generation later, and that’s exactly where we are. This Wharton article’s perspective is from a luxurious peak – but luxury is only comforting for those brands that get it right. Of course, Burberry is the shining example, by embracing another of Kelly’s principles – to generously give away access to previously privileged areas. Not just live views of the catwalk, but backstage too, in high definition. Web-style user experiences are already designed into a Burberry shop visit. cite Burberry as a reference customer, so you would expect that data is acquired on & offline to personalise future retail experiences. Fabulous insight, Via Knowledge@Wharton 


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