now with personal radio

Links on the right hand of this page now includes a link to my personal radio profile at Last FM
Though it takes a little while to build a decent profile, I’ve found it remarkable – once Last FM ‘got’ the music I wanted to listen to, that’s what I’m hearing. And since there’s only one Bob Harris music show each week, I have to make my own 😉

Next goal – to add some/any music written this millenium!

new developments

Clusty is a development of Vivisimo (ibid) that clusters results – much in the useful way that Northern Light did when it was a free, public service.

Blinkx is a nigfty download that searches both your computer and the web. Though it’s blindingly fast – results appear as I type – it’s still not accurate enough. My benchmark on that’s google: Blinkx isn’t yet finding hard drive content that google would find, if it were able. One to keep an eye on though.

amazon’s A9

In spite of a few smutty gliches around launch, A9 is genuinely useful – in effect offering to present results from multiple categories on a single screen. So a vanity search  turns up text results for Rowan County in the USA, trees amongst the images, and books (yipee 😉 if you click the Books tab.

A nice piece of design that integrates results by type – and still decently quick.

work in (rapid) progress

It may take a day or two more, but the swift shift from Radio hosting to Type Pad is under way

In the meantime…
– there’s not many images on the site
– hyperlinks in the bodies of posts are not active
– old posts from the Radio blog contain scraps of permalink & google it info

search, now & future

17 May 2004 

Microsoft Focuses on Research. Recognizing that computing is about more than creating work documents, sending e-mail messages or putting a photo online, the software giant gears up to make the best tools for users to find things online. [Wired News]
It’s not going to happen in0.23 seconds… but there has to be a better way to present results than a simple text list. That way works well when the right results are close to the top of the list – and falls apart rapidly when they’re not.
And with luck the research will filter back into core ms products – where navigability is a continuing mystery tour.
8:28:18 PM    

05 May 2004

Google is my preferred search engine. Has been for years… but I’m getting restless.

First there were ideas on how to display results. Webmap was the first that I noticed. (now dead 🙁  It presented Google results graphically – as a map (duh!). Where Webmap was first to tread, others have followed.

Touchgraph produces a simple relational map – as does Grokker. I like the thinking behind Mapstan, which builds a profile of the pages you’ve visited, and maps related sites that may be of interest. Oops, no, that’s gone too. Investment tip for ’04 – think twice before putting money into searhc engines (unless they’re called Google.)

Kartoo is still around – better (faster) than ever. Free, and no download. Arguably the best of the graphics results search engines.

Lassoo allowed searchers to home in on a map to find services in their area. It was ahead of its time – which is not always a good thing. (yep, it’s gone too 🙁   But Google labs is trialling something similar.

Vivisimo still clusters results into folders (as Northern Light used to do, when it was a public search engine: it’s now an enterprise search service.).

Search the web on Vivisimo:

Yahoo AltaVista MSN Fast HotBot

Search TheCustomer on Vivisimo
… and on Google
Search WWW Search

friends & suppliers

let’s start with friends…

Business & Market Engineering deliver intensive step-change thinking

Martin Silcock’s Explorate has been a great supporter since we met online in ’96

Tim Kitchen can be found here (personal CSR blog) and here – (Mutual Marketing)

… and please visit the Live Projects page – Clients are friends too 😉


(I’ll add suppliers that I trust in due course.)

No, really, I will.

Here’s one: I’ve used Wordtracker for years. It’s a brilliant, regular rundown on the most popular search keywords.

Flexible workshops

Technology is great…
… but in your organisation, who knows how to turn it on and get real performance out of it?
Research suggests that you’ll get a better return if you put marketers in charge of developing web & e commerce programmes. A better return than… putting the IT department in charge.

The web is a communications challenge. The technology should be transparent to your customers. And it should inform your marketing planning in all media.

Tailored Training from TheCustomer
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Will Rowan also provides training to The Institute of Direct Marketing … In 2001 he wrote about 30% of original course material for Europe’s first certified Interactive Marketing Certificate… and then created the ‘online’ modules for the IDM’s revised Diploma in Direct and Interactive Marketing. He revised the Diploma material for 2004.


Will Rowan can develop your business’ e commerce strategy for the real world: highly experienced & regarded for business strategy development, including marketing, direct marketing, loyalty and CRM, advertising, and response management.

Most recent clients have included Allianz, and Bupa Global.

I’ve created strategy for airlines, fmcg, financial services (bank, insurance and life companies) and charity clients. Past work has included direct marketing, advertising and sales promotion agencies as an external consultant, and professional bodies such as the Institute of Direct Marketing.


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