It’s been an interesting time (may we live in, etc…) is live:

The Ingredients
– take one tried, tested & trusted speech-management software platform that’s been used on a corporate scale.
– blend with a deep and experienced transcription resource in Southern India
– add the web’s magical cost-reducing power
– now add sme’s and real people as customers.

For the first time, individuals and sme’s can buy the business benefit that’s only been available to corporates – affordable, accurate, time-saving transcription.

You’ll find morningpapers used on and by Ericsson’s Volvo ocean race team

You talk & we type

Acclaria & ProgramShop look like great opportunities for 2005 and beyond.

The Local Channel has been a three year challenge – to build a community platform, from scratch, that brings together online local government and the communities they serve.

ProfessionalSpirit is -perhaps – the first of a second generation of web marketplaces. Social software is big… the web is a natural tool for networking – and it can be the channel for powerful business management tools. Put them all together and you get ProfessionalSpirit. Targeted at professional-service sme’s and their customers, it’s up & running in 2004.

I’m delighted to be working with PukkaHerbs as their organic ayurvedice remedies and teas business grows through its next phase. Pukka are the UK’s largest source of  ayurvedic herbs – and you’ll find their teas in good healthfood shops, and Tesco.

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