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17 May 2004 

Microsoft Focuses on Research. Recognizing that computing is about more than creating work documents, sending e-mail messages or putting a photo online, the software giant gears up to make the best tools for users to find things online. [Wired News]
It’s not going to happen in0.23 seconds… but there has to be a better way to present results than a simple text list. That way works well when the right results are close to the top of the list – and falls apart rapidly when they’re not.
And with luck the research will filter back into core ms products – where navigability is a continuing mystery tour.
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05 May 2004

Google is my preferred search engine. Has been for years… but I’m getting restless.

First there were ideas on how to display results. Webmap was the first that I noticed. (now dead 🙁  It presented Google results graphically – as a map (duh!). Where Webmap was first to tread, others have followed.

Touchgraph produces a simple relational map – as does Grokker. I like the thinking behind Mapstan, which builds a profile of the pages you’ve visited, and maps related sites that may be of interest. Oops, no, that’s gone too. Investment tip for ’04 – think twice before putting money into searhc engines (unless they’re called Google.)

Kartoo is still around – better (faster) than ever. Free, and no download. Arguably the best of the graphics results search engines.

Lassoo allowed searchers to home in on a map to find services in their area. It was ahead of its time – which is not always a good thing. (yep, it’s gone too 🙁   But Google labs is trialling something similar.

Vivisimo still clusters results into folders (as Northern Light used to do, when it was a public search engine: it’s now an enterprise search service.).

Search the web on Vivisimo:

Yahoo AltaVista MSN Fast HotBot

Search TheCustomer on Vivisimo
… and on Google
Search WWW Search

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