search – or share?

My old stalwart meta-search tool Copernic (v useful as it seems to search just abbout everything except Google) has launched a desktop search tool… I’m downloading now to see what’s what.

The Google Desksearch tool seems to find things that Blinkx misses – but is focussed on MS’ internet Explorer & Outlook – and I don’t really use either – so no matter how smart Google’s searching it’ll always miss webbpages I’ve visited & documents received bby email. Pity.

And all three of these tools rely on careful ranking of existing materials… but should search be ‘specific’ or ‘suggestive’ – I like the way that Last FM uses its network of listeners to play me music similar to my own profile. There are times when ‘suggestive’ search like that would be just fine. I’m trying Furl & Backflip to see if they do provide useful expansions on my webb searches.

Instinct says that the networked community-based product will be most useful.

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