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Semantic isn’t ‘news’ per-se… but there’s a perceptible shift away from industrial publishing models towards digital thinking. Maybe the media hysteria around Twitter tipped the old school over the edge. {Twitter is very *very* significant, but not (yet, its user base and audience is small, relative to its media footprint) for its mass adoption… but for changing the way that folk use the web… for making writers of readers, and dragging writers out of private social ghettos into the public eye.} Thomson Reuters’ OpenCalais & blogger version Tagaroo is an interesting case in point.

By adding semantic metadata to professional and amateur publishers, ThomsonReuters are breaking down a barrier between traditional news media and personal, social news channels. Giving personal users access to the same service (adapted for small scale use) is a tacit agreement that some news is best found by individual amateur reporters (isn’t it?)… and that by collaborating with every part of the news spectrum, presumably Thomson Reuters expects to get more readers for higher quality news.

  • reply Tom Tague ,

    Tom from OpenCalais here.

    You make an excellent point. With the proliferation of “user generated content” we’re seeing professional grade contributions from a growing number of non-professional writers.

    What we care about is great content – regardless of where it’s generated.

    And – a brief clarification. The exact same OpenCalais toolkit that we make available to publishers like CNET, the Huffington Post, DailyMe and other is available to any publisher, writer or other content generator – for free.


    • reply Will Rowan ,

      Hi Tom – thanks for your kind comment.
      I was trying out OpenCalais before adding the plugin to – where we’re trying to give football fans all the tools they’ll need to reinvent soccer journalism 😉

      on 31 May we’re still in stealth mode – so you’ll probably just get a login screen; public release target date is 8th June.

      • reply Will Rowan ,

        Is it me… while Tagaroo used to lurk quietly in the background while posts were being written, it’s now *constantly* refining the tag list… which in turn slows down the writing process. (for slows down, read *stops*).

        Back in August the tagaroo forums said there would be a fix… no sign of it yet.

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