Will delivers lively, insightful sessions that range from

masterclass in the principles that make digital marketing work

through to

free-flowing Best Practice & Big Idea workshops.

Will Rowan digital speaker
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A regular lecturer on marketing qualification courses, on professional skills seminars, and at conferences, Will has the experience to tailor messages to the scale and knowledge levels of each audience.

Every event comes packed with real-life examples illustrating the sound principles that audiences can take away and apply.

Events have included product launches: ( BT in London & Manchester, BlackBeltJones  at Churchill’s War Cabinet rooms);  masterclasses: for INSEAD london alumni & Consultus Stockholm clients;  lectures: for Inst. Marketing & Management, New Delhi and the  Inst. Direct Marketing, London.

    Sample Topics

    Marketing in 2020

    A free-flowing review of how marketing has changed over the past 15 years, and where that direction of travel will take us. Examines four cornerstones of digital marketing, and shows how every business can exploit these digital opportunities.

    A keynote speech that draws on the principles of Will’s 2002 book Digital Marketing – content is updated & different every time.

    That’s Private!

    Digital marketing and social media change our concepts of privacy.

    With the ability to self-publish thoughts, pictures & video, anybody can disrupt traditional ideas of privacy. Marketers & advertisers can track & sell to their service’s most casual visitor.
    So what’s fair, and what’s not? And what’s good business?

    What can individuals do to protect their personal data – and to recover privacy when it’s been lost. How can companies use new marketing tools to – let’s be honest here! – cut the cost of sales and customer relations?

    What new ideas are there in open, portable data, VRM (& VPI) communities and services – and how will that change attitudes to privacy & the buying cycle?


    The easy way to build a small business website in 20 hours, for $156.

    Fully functional, social, commercial, search-optomized, multi-media.

    No skills required – just a passion for your business. The walking, talking ecommmerce business guide!

    All of 20toDo’s top tips in one hit. (This talk needs 20 minutes!)

    Later in 2011 an expanded edition of 20toDo website will be published as a paperback & eBook

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