The Likeminds experience

At Likeminds 2010 I compared my notes to those of Adam Timworth, sitting beside me. And promptly stopped taking notes. His were so much better than mine.

Adam’s liveblog posts for Likeminds 2011 are as thorough as ever; I’ll not pick out any speakers or immersives, and recommend watching the videos as they’re posted. Likeminds give its speakers an open remit; the only requirement being to be original – there’s no pitching, or tired reruns of this season’s conference slideset. The result is an intensive learning experience, from beginning to end, and on into the night.

I’ve been before, & loved it from the first moment. Used the London Club regularly. And somehow though I expected a great event again this year, I’m delighted to find that the changed emphasis & format evolution have kept things fresh – but as intensive as ever.


Like Minds 2011 Day 1

I love that likeminds doesn’t spoon feed folk; it’s damned hard work. The platform content is so original it demands attention. The conversations around sessions start at a serious level of understanding, and soar from there. it was striking how this year there were far fewer tweets to announce ‘I’m at likeminds, and the next speaker is kicking off’… far fewer tweets, as we all listened, thought, and digested.

To manage a one day event like that would be an achievement – to manage it time & again, this year for 3 days, is an astonishing achievement by speakers, organisers, and the participants (aka, anywhere else, as the audience!).

It’s striking that this year’s shift away from being ‘about’ social media perfectly previews social media’s evolution into everyday business as usual.

Exeter is the perfect backdrop; fresh air, invigorating walks between venues & lunches, and the speaker/organiser/participant pack is shuffled several times a day, for extra stimulation.

heh; this started as the answer to a feedback question; it’s developed into a fully formed roundup. Note; I’m not mentioning one speaker, one immersive, or one fellow delegate. It’s all good; every piece of the jigsaw contributes to the picture – and the picture wouldn’t be so rich without each and every one.

I like the thought that likeminds brings us the unsung heroes, from behind the scenery, who make things happen.

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