Building a fully-functional business website, in 20 steps, and no $ budget

Business websites in a snap
Business websites in a snap

If you run your own business you’re a busy person, so let’s not hang about!

20toDo is about getting a business website up & running, quickly, effectively, and at the lowest cost for a decent result.

Too many businesses don’t have a good website – one that explains who they are, what they do, and how to buy their services. And altogether too many small businesses spend time & money paying somebody to develop the wrong website – one that’s a digital version of a printed brochure, that’s invisible to search engines, that doesn’t invite visitors to do something!

You won’t find long articles on 20toDo: just punchy things ToDo, in a logical sequence, with a brief explanation of why they’re good things to do.

I’m aiming to get things done in 1 hour a day, for the 20 working days in February 2009.  Afterwards there’ll no doubt be a period of tidying up – but that’s how things work best online. Get something out there… see what works… polish the stuff that works, and delete (or change) the things that don’t.

OK: enough chat. We’ve got 20 things ToDo.

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    Hi Will,

    Enjoying your write ups!

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    (Ogilvy & Mather 1996-98)

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