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There is no benefit in making districtions between old and new media in an economy where the context of every channel to market is changing. And as digital technologies place the customer at center of marketing, it is important for marketers to have a full understanding of how to plan an integrated approach to ensure a profitable relationship. This rigorous yet practical manual provides just that. Digital Marketing will show both the expert and student alike how to:1. Reappraise the expectations and role of marketing in a digital, networked marketplace2. Define the new customer-driven marketing concepts that digital channels enable; permission, viral, location, real time marketplaces and auctions3. Identify the marketing goals that digital marketing takes to a new level: direct /customer relationship marketing techniques, sales promotion, broadcast and narrow cast advertising4. Detail how best to use digital, networked channels: Internet, mobile and interactive TV.5. Set out decision-making tools that reader may use to implement this ideas and techniques

From the Publisher
Will Rowan is an experienced marketer and e-commerce consultant with his roots in blue-chip direct marketing. His firm TheCustomer provides digital marketing consulting to many leading companies, banks, and to major direct marketing organizations.

About the Author
Will Rowan is an experienced marketer and e-commerce consultant with his roots in blue-chip direct marketing. He runs a consulting agency, that provides digital marketing guidance to leading companies, banks, professional and educational bodies and major direct marketing agencies.

4.0 out of 5 stars Digital Marketing, 16 May 2003

By “armalite4”

Having previously picked up the E-commerce pocketbook, also by the same author, I was curious as to what insight this book would offer into the world of E-Commerce. The pocketbook provided an immense number of tips about the world of E-commerce- and a reference for those already involved in the area.Digital Marketing, is a much more thorough journey into the world of E-Commerce, explaining how Electronic and traditional marketing combines. There are a great number of real-life examples. The style is sufficiently easy to comprehend, and at the end of each chapter there are summary and action points highlighted for reference.

I was delighted to find a section on virtual communities, an area I have chosen to undertake academic research into. I am pleased to report I will be referring to the authors work in my research.

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